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简介:British Adult filmmaker Liselle Bailey is providing the best of French label Dorcel's recent feature product, having her "My so & so is a Whore" series of films down to a science. Contract leading lady Cara St. Germain is a beauty in the title role, with Tamara Grace gracefully limning the part of her disappointed mother-in-law.

I'm getting used to the Dorcel format (I have no choice in the matter, of course) of tinkering heavily in post-production with the movies handed in by various directors, so it didn't kill the movie this time that all the dialog is suppressed in favor of an American-accented woman in the dubbing studio laying in voice-over tracks pretending to be Tamara speaking. In dialog scenes one has to strain mightily to pick up stray syllables drowned out by the narration, but Bailey has the cast speaking to each other in a mix of English (most of the cast) and French (stars like Cara).

Best scene is nearly classic, as bride to be Cara's BFF played by bountiful Emma Leigh sneaks off for a tryst on a picnic table surrounded by English countryside greenery with the best man, Luke Hardy, soon joined for a hot threesome by cutie Misha Cross. Cara gets in her full measure of sexual licks, and the uncredited groom (a NonSex Role for a non-porn player) gets nil.

Liselle's usual Brit crew is at work, including her mentor Dick Bush (credited alternately as "Rick Bush" on camera and "Kaizen XXX" as executive producer), and I only wish that the Dorcel organization had given Bailey a chance to release her cut of the picture with Grace, Leigh, et al.'s dialog delivery intact.